Drake Manor Management Specializes In:

Our Commercial Service Areas

  • Investment Property Management
  • Landlord-Tenant Finders Services
  • Office Park Management
  • Property Maintenance
  • Landscaping Services - Residential/Commercial
  • Janitorial Cleaning Services for Commerical Offices
  • Residential Weekly, Bi-Weekly & Monthly Cleaning Services
  • Real Estate Sales

Drake Manor Management (DMM) provides full-service management for all our clients. We successfully market properties to get and keep them rented. We handle maintenance for all properties quickly and as reasonably as possible. Our accounting services collect all rents and provide detailed income and maintenance records to clients on a monthly basis, and at year end. Call us for details and we'll let you know about the different options available for our property management services!

How do you know you need a property manager?

1. Are you able to confront people on a continual basis?

2. Are you willing and able to follow through with consequences once you set a boundary?

3. Are you familiar with the legal issues of fair-housing, lead-based paint, mold, meth labs and eviction?

4. Do you feel sorry for people who struggle with money issues?

5. Are you willing to receive calls at work, home and in the middle of the night for maintenance issues or emergency situations?

6. Are you capable of doing your own maintenance, or hiring competent vendors to do maintenance on your properties in a timely manner?

7. Do you know the difference between a good lease and a bad one? Will your lease hold up in court if you seek damages and past due rents? Do you know the legal process of serving your tenants? When are you allowed to ask the court for money past due? What charges may you charge as a landlord doing your own work? Which ones do the courts not allow?

8. Are you willing to run your own advertising, and show your investment to potential tenants?

9. Do you know the difference between a good application form and a bad one?

10. Have you secured the proper release from the potential tenant to legally access their private information?

11. Do you know how to check and verify information to secure a good tenant?

12. Do you understand the market place for pricing your investment properties correctly?

Are you really ready for everything it takes to manage your property and maximize your investment?

Our Consumer Short- and Long- Term Housing Service Areas

  • 24-Hour On-Call Service
  • Single Family Homes In All Price Range
  • Multi-Family Condos and Apartments
  • Student Housing
  • Corporate Relocation Services
  • Furnished Housing for All Your Short-Term Needs

We offer both furnished and unfurnished properties for short-term (furnished only) or extended rentals. Furnished units include all basic utilities (in most cases high-speed internet and cable along with the basics), kitchen package, linens, decor, all applicances (large and small) including washer and dryer. Just bring your suitcase and we'll handle the rest!

We have a wide variety of unfurnished long-term rental properties, as well. Whether you're looking for a townhouse, apartment or single-family home, we can help you find a great fit for your preferred lifestyle. DMM also answers tenant community questions and can suggest a list of qualified professionals in any area of need. Just ask us!

Superb Service is our #1 goal at Drake Manor Management

We know what you're looking for. We understand the importance of finding the right style home to rent for as long or short as you need it. If you need information regarding the community, have our staff help you with your needs. We know what you're looking for, and we're flexible, quick, and will take care of it. At Drake Manor Management we have the people, the knowledge and the skills to make us an invaluable contact--your contact for whatever your needs may be.

We will answer your questions about the schools, the churches, the golf courses, the best shopping, or where to take out-of-town visitors. We'll make sure your family finds a great place to go ice skating or swimming or horse-back riding or camping, and we'll even clue you in to where to go for the best Mexican food or what the latest hot shows are at the Lincoln Center. And when it's time to find a permanent home, we know the best Realtors to help you find it.

Drake Manor Management knows what you are looking for. . . and where to find it.

Drake Manor Management
2821 Remington St. Suite 100
Fort Collins, CO 80525
Phone: 970.493.4052 Fax: 970.484.5051



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